Whaaaaaatttt? My actual reaction upon learning that beloved aviatrix (what a word!) Amelia Earhart created a fashion line. She made history flying planes. How is it we don’t know she also designed clothing? Is there anything she couldn’t do? Don’t answer that!

On a visit with (my favorite designer) Elsa Schiaparelli the two discussed the need for practical clothing for “active living,” this was the inspiration of Earhart’s fashion line.  My favorite part is that she not only did she create the line, she sewed pieces in her hotel room. Earhart’s fashion line introduced a new fashion innovation, blouses with longer shirttails. This prevented blouses from coming untucked while being active.

Who knew that one of the first celebrity fashion lines was created by first woman to successfully complete a trans-Atlantic flight?\

I can’t even!

Here are a couple of fabulous articles that tell the whole story

Amelia Earhart’s Other Runway: The Aviator’s Forgotten Fashion Line

Aviatrix. Pioneer. Record breaker. Fashion entrepreneur? Amelia Earhart ‘s accomplishments above the clouds made her a worldwide icon, but she was also a savvy businesswoman. In the 30s, Earhart became one of the first celebrities to create her own fashion line.

Amelia Earhart: Designing Fashion to Finance Flying – Blog – The Henry Ford

Amelia Earhart: Designing Fashion to Finance Flying

Amelia Earhart’s Fashion Line: Found at Last

Pictured: A beautiful and seldom seen photo of Amelia from a poster for her lecture tour. Her aviator pin, pearls and open collar look contemporary. Recently, I saw the movie Amelia with Hillary Swank.

Amelia Earhart Had Her Own Clothing Line

Celebrity-endorsed clothing lines are often met with speculation. Just how much input did J.Lo offer for her shoe line? Did Victoria Beckham really choose the fabrics for her children’s clothing? Does Kanye stay up nights laboring over a Singer sewing machine, preparing for his next fashion show?