I love fashion shows. Nothing beats the thrill of watching a designer’s dream walk down the runway. Of all the topics I have been researching for this blog the fashion show was not on my list (I know, don’t judge!)  Then I ran across this article today on the history of the fashion show and learned a couple of new things. It inspired me to do more research and find another article so we can both learn a little bit today.  I always want to help my readers out so I’m passing both articles on to you. Enjoy!

A brief history of the fashion show.

A brief history of the fashion show. Fashion scholars have penned histories of the high heel, the corset, and the little black dress, but no one has yet written a definitive history of the fashion show.

A Brief History of New York Fashion Week

New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the must-attend event of editors, celebs and designers from around the world. But how did this fashion phenomenon come to be? We take a look at the event’s stylish history. Prior to World War II, American fashion didn’t get much – if any – time in the spotlight.