Travel Budget and Packing Tips

As not to get overwhelmed by this trip and all its many parts, each week I like to choose a new subject for my research. This week happened to be travel. I hit up the library this week and got great ideas for my packing list and budget for my trip around the world. These were the books I finished this week. Out of the 15 or so books I read this week the following books are among my favorite for the week. They feature great tips, tricks and budgeting ideas for countries around the world. Thanks to this week’s list I better understand how much I should realistically budget for each day. I have a better idea about what kind of traveler I want to be.

Plenty of books will tell you how to spend minimal money in each city especially if you want to live a backpackers lifestyle or stay in hostels. I’m a single gal with parents who are already worried about my safety on this trip. I can’t imagine, at this stage of life staying in a hostel, guesthouse or backpacking across Europe. I also don’t want to spend millions of dollars on lodging. These books helped me to gather keywords to seek the happy medium. I’ve found a lovely hotel (4.5 stars on Trip Advisor) in London for less than $80 per day.

I will keep updating this list at make an ultimate resource guide of books and websites to read if you are planning a big ole scary trip around the world.

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Budget Websites

A Little Adrift – Great website post with a detailed budget breakdown. If the information on this page isn’t enough the author, Shannon O’Donnell, has written a Kindle book titled How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?: Create an accurate budget for your dream trip. (Affiliate)

Never-ending Footsteps – Lauren gives a detailed breakdown of her 2015 cost around the world. I love this site because she’s SO detailed about every expenditure (splurges and savings) within her budget. She has a book titled How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker, (Affiliate) the title alone is so brilliant I’m adding it to the list.            

Airtreks – has an easy to fill out Around the World Travel Budget Template  

Bootsnall – A number of bloggers share a the basics of their budget and travel style details. This website is great for the basic idea of how people travel vs. their expenditures.

Websites With Packing Tips

I want to travel the world with as little baggage as possible so I’m concentrating on

Half the Clothes – Jema offers the most thorough minimal packing list I’ve ever seen. I love her what not to bring and why listing. It added some food for thought on what and why I should bring items.

One Bag – A whole website dedicated to traveling light with tips and tricks to make sure you can fit everything in one bag. They give specific numbers on clothing to bring with you. It helped narrow some of my choices down.



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